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Good Web Design does not need to be expensive...but cheap can have its disadvantages too. We work with you to build your ideal place on the your budget!

Your design - your vision - your business

When it comes to your business, it is your website that will often give the first impression to current and potential customers.  We work with you to build your web presence to showcase your ideas and products.

building for today

More than 50% of all website visits these days come from mobile devices.  We design with a mobile first strategy and build the ability to connect with your customers in real time.

remain responsive across devices

All devices, all the time.  From small feature phones, to phablets and tablets to desktops and even big screen tv's your website should look gorgeous across all devices, all the time.

elefont design is your affordable alternative


Real time stats

Connect with analytics solutions to know in real time what is going on with your customers. Where they are going, what they are spending the most time with and more importantly...what are they wanting!


Global Reach - Local Flair

Regardless of you having a .com, .ca or .whatever domain...your website gives your business the ability to reach global markets...but at the same time serve the local needs of your actual customers.


Building a Better Web

We work with you to keep your web project affordable. Good design does not need to be oppressively expensive. We believe in long term relationships and will continue to assist in building your web presence.


Amazingly responsive

Taking a mobile first strategy with our designs ensures that your customers will be able to find what they want regardless of what device they came to your website with.


Communications Specialist

We help you not only connect with your customers on the web, but with little touch points via email, social media and print communications to ensure that your business is always relevant and reachable.


Build Once - Use Often

By utilizing the latest in Content Management Solutions, we feel that we only need to build once and then assist you in making the ongoing modifications. Don't recreate the wheel...Content is King!

Building a better Internet - one site at a time. Click below to start your project with us today!

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